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A lot of information has been published about my family tree. And most of my source material is packed away waiting for me to clear out the junk in my spare room and orginize it!

About me, I have 4 children,

Jason, Shawn, Brandon and Chandra

Between them I have 8 Grandkids!

Anthony, Alyssa and Miranda, from Shawn and his wife Michelle.

Vivian, from Jason and his wife Ursula.

Jack and Hailey from Brandon and his wife Melissa.

Marshal and Katelyn from Chandra and her ex Robert.



Family Tree info

Well, when I get a chance to dig out the refence material, I'll post it here, pretty much the Family Ancester came over in the late 1600's and settled in and around the Mohawk Valley in what is now New York State.