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I adopted a Black Lab mx I call "Ali" on February 13th, 2010. Within a few months my neice, Sherry Helmer had me "Dog" sitting for her foster dogs when she needed help on the weekends. Well, before I knew it, I was fostering my own dogs for Second Chance Dog Rescue in San Diego. Since then I have had some 40 dogs come and stay with Ali and me. And then I got to take care of and foster "Wynn". I fell in love again, and I just had to adopt her. So on October 1st, 2013 I adopted Wynn, so now it's Ali, Wynn and me - here's a picture of them, and my latest foster, Pryce, he's the sweet looking brown boy laying between the two girls!

That's Ali on the left, Pryce in the middle and Wynn on the right.

Mike and T, at OH MY DOG PHOTOGRAPHY, were kind enough to take a group photo of these 3 along with doing their usual outstanding work taking photos of the Rescue Dogs!

Please visit their web site at: http://www.ohmydogphoto.com/

If you need a photo of your dog - PLEASE visit these guys, they do really great work!

Herra, my first foster for a few months, she stayed with Ali and me. My Nieces Italian Mastif, wonderfully sweet and very protective!

Hera, The Italian Mastif


As of December 2010, Herra has moved on to her own family, and she's doing just fine!


And The Cat!
Maxx the Cat
Maxx, my 10 year old Cat, was still ruling the
Animal Kingdom here at my Home!

Shortly after he allowed me to take this photo, he dissappeared and never came home.

Rest In Peace Maxx, you were a good boy!