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I like Cars!

And Boats, and Trains, and Plains and Motorcycles and Trucks and anything with a motor or an engine!

But I haven't recovered my pictures yet, a lot of them are on unscanned photos, so I'll put in a few links to sites that I have found interesting to look at, as long as they say something about the way somebody can get around in.

My car, well, truck really!

I have a 1988 Ford Bronco II.

It's got over 300,000 miles on it.

Of course this is the:

second motor,
second transmission,
second driveline,
fourth radiator,
second set of tires,
second radio,
second set of injectors (on this engine)
since I bought the truck.
And it has a habit of just running,
until it breaks, about every 2 years right now.
But somehow I keep it going!

I love my truck!

So, it's only a 2 wheel drive, but it doesn't give me much trouble, still gets 15-17mpg, and has plenty of power. It's just NOT overpowered!

And I'll have a current picture, as soon as I wash it and make it shiny! lol

It's broken now. And just sitting in my driveway needing a new engine. Some day, maybe an electric one?

I replaced it with a 1997 Ford Explorer with 4 wheel drive (the full time automatic one) and a V6 motor. This is it here.